Namaste. Greetings. Peace.

Welcome to my world. I have been documenting, archiving, and curating hip-hop for nearly 25 years. With this website I offer you a glimpse of my work and hope that you too will be inspired to contribute to and preserve hip-hop culture.


I’m blessed to be the mother of two wonderful girls…my heart and soul.


I have been an advocate and supporter of women’s rights and issues particularly, women in hip-hop. I have celebrated our achievements and created the Ladies First grant, the first micro-grant for women hip-hop social entrepreneurs.
L-R: Me, Lauryn Hill, Rahiel Tesfamariam, and Imani Perry


I have cultivated both young women and men in order to develop our existing pool of hip-hop talent and usher the next generation of leaders.  


Although I specialize in media preservation, I am interested in saving cultural material. I make quilts using hip-hop t-shirts.

Researcher/ Community Scholar

I conducted the first national scan identifying hip-hop-based education programs in K-12, college, and out-of school time. I am currently serving as a Columbia University Community Scholar.  

Media Producer

I started my career as an intern at Yo! MTV Raps; I worked in Hollywood productions; and ultimately decided to become an independent producer.


My recent projects include working with the Museum of the Moving Image and the Center for Justice at Columbia.